Seven Keys to Attract Visitors to your Blog

In order for your Blog to increase its number of visits, it is convenient that you take the following points into account:

  1. define keywords or key phrases for your blog, and mention them frequently in your posts (of course, as natural as possible, without forcing).
  2. Socialize with other blogs. The key to the blog is in the interaction and in the possibility of leaving comments under each post. Commenting on other blogs similar to yours will help you position yourself as an "expert" on the subject, and you will be getting traffic.
  3. good titles, better "copets". A good title, and a good forelock that invites visitors to read your post, will be key to getting visitors. Within the forelock it is useful to mention some keyword of the blog.
  4. Submit your articles to Social Content Networks, What shake mefresh either
  5. write content uniqueoriginal Y relevant. That is, look for what is talked about little or nothing, give it your own point of view, and color everything with interesting information (even complementary links).
  6. Get other sites to include a link to your article / blog: get in touch with other bloggers who write on similar topics, or other reference websites and submit your site to directories.
  7. I wrote, I wrote, I wrote. The search engines will give greater relevance, and will locate in better positions those sites that update their content more frequently.



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