WordPress requires a Theme to work; with this it is complemented, it comes to life, style, additional functionalities. Those of us who have a WP site know it, and therefore we also know the importance of choosing that Theme very well. In this case we analyze a topic specially designed to optimize our WooCommerce Store: Shoptimizer. Fast and with many additional functions. Its main advantages below.


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The topic Shoptimizer, as its name already suggests, was created to set up shops. It's no joke: developers have studied for years the practices of Baymard and his analysis of the most successful eCommerces on the web. Therefore, Shoptimizer knows that priority is speed with which the site should respond to the user, the familiarity and intuition of the design and clicks/time to get the conversion.

Shoptimizer gives us the full control of every aspect from our site. Again, it is clear that they are serious since they offer us more than 5000 extensions to add functionalities according to our need. Each of these extensions was designed to meet a requirement, a specific purpose that is related to our business and its particular characterisitics. Therefore, we are talking about a Theme that allows us to do virtually anything, with ease.

In an online store, a delay of milliseconds is equivalent to losing a sale.


Speed is essential and we never tire of repeating it: it has been shown that a delay of one second is equivalent to a reduction of 7% of our conversions. This is a lot of money for those of us who have our online business. Therefore, speed is a vital factor in any site, and fundamentally in any Theme.

Let's take a look at Shoptimizer's scores according to the main online meters.

Compared to its main competitors, we can say that Shoptimizer is the best performing WooCommerce Ready Theme. This is achieved with a well debugged code but it also has native tools such as automatic minification of CSS code. This function includes the generation of the so-called "critical CSS", which is that handful of code that must be loaded before any other. A) Yes, the first portion of the screen is visible with priority to the user.


Fundamentally, the web design of the Shoptimizer Theme was intended pixel by pixel to encourage conversions. It could not be otherwise in a template whose primary objective is to sell. A conversion-optimized theme for a store is evidenced to the extent that it can multiply our sales without us having to invest time and money in gadgets or external advertising (or at least not necessarily).

The option to be called increases conversions compared to the classic contact telephone number.

Purchases are completed without distractions. Shoptimizer even offers us an option to remove the header, footer and sidebars at will, leaving the main focal point of the payment. A distraction-free checkout leads to more conversions. On the other hand, and taken from a real success story, the replacement of a contact telephone number is allowed for the “Call me back” option. In this, the customer can enter their own number to be called by a salesperson or agent.

This function is included in Shoptimizer since it greatly favors Stores with expensive, complex products, where extra, personal information helps customers make up their minds.

Another great little detail is the adding shipping costs immediately below the purchase button. A recent study showed that 64% of potential buyers end up abandoning the checkout page “because” of adding shipping cost at the last minute. Shoptimizer thought of this and places the additional cost information where there are no "surprises".

Additionally, it is possible to leave the price of a fixed product or service at the top during the window scroll (along with its title and main photo).

With Shoptimizer we can also easily add the trust badges of the transaction methods next to the payment button. It is not something minor: 18% of users interrupt the purchase if they have doubts when entering their credit card data.

In addition, we can place countdowns next to the price of our products/services to emphasize the moment in which a certain opportunity ceases to be active. Needless to say, this is another great sales tool.


SEO additional field

A weak topic in SEO today is inadmissible. Shoptimizer therefore also cares about maintaining positioning standards and even improving them.

One of these improvements is the inclusion of a additional field for WooCommerce categories, thus favoring better tracking and interpretation by search robots. With Shoptimizer we can add descriptive text of the featured category and also an image to the top. This is complemented by additional copy for keywords below, leading to better placement in Google/Bing/etc results.

mobile-first it means that the mobile version of our website becomes the starting point for what Google indexes. In other words, it's the baseline for how our content ratings will be determined. So, Shoptimizer prioritizes mobile page rendering speed and load time. In parallel, images are natively optimized for the mobile experience.

More advantages

Shoptimizer arms our site with a search engine optimization. look for something will return results instantly without having to press the Enter key or the magnifying glass icon.

Shoptimizer uses the world's most widely used site builder: Elementor. It is not a random measurement since both Shoptimizer and Elementor focus on giving us as much design freedom as possible no need to write programming code. It would be useless for Shoptimizer to enhance the functions of WooCommerce so that later a constructor would limit our creativity.

Note: Shoptimizer is also compatible with beavers, SiteOrigin Y Visual Composer.

On the other hand, and for stores with a large number of items, Shoptimizer enables the construction of mega menus. It is the best option to present many subcategories of products and services. It also allows you to promote offers or special items directly from the navigation menu.

And this topic would not be complete without your repertoire of pre-designed pages and sections. These pages include a homepage, contact page, institutional information page, common questions and answers page and, not least, a beautiful sale page. Thanks to these factory layouts we will be able to start selling immediately, eventually changing our layout and features as our business progresses.

Requirements and Conclusions

To take advantage of the innumerable advantages of Shoptimizer (many more than those that we mention in this note), we will need our domain name and of a hosting service (if you have doubts regarding this, do not hesitate to write to us at [email protected] or through our form. We are here to advise you).

We do not need to be expert programmers or novices. Shoptimizer is prepared so that we can generate our store as quickly but professionally as possible.. Even if we are not familiar with WordPress Shoptimizer's interface makes everything very easy for us.

The technical support is excellent, the Theme is constantly being updated and improved and we will be able to stay on the latest version as soon as it comes out. For all this we recommend it.

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