Simple Feature Requests

Simple Feature Requests is a WordPress plugin that allows us to collect feedback from our users in order to organize requests in a roadmap, thus identifying priority general interests. Tools such as voting and social discussion of ideas will allow us to decide where to commit resources and efforts.

Simple Feature Requests
A screenshot of what the request section and sidebar looks like with typical options

Main functionalities


Through the possibility of vote and discuss each idea, we can quickly identify the trends in requests and proposals so that we can accurately guide our product development and efforts.

  • Simple Feature Requests favors the identification of priority requests, allowing our clients to propose and vote for them.
  • We will avoid wasting time on new features of little or no general interest.
  • We may start a conversation specifically about cool feature requests.

Priorities Roadmap

The transparency in a project or development is one of the stronger legs. And through the Roadmap function it is simple and clear to inform our clients of the stage or what comes next.

  • Simple Feature Requests promote focus on those points of interest and improvements that are most important to customers and users.
  • We will allow our clients to immediately visualize those goals and functionalities that are currently being worked on.
  • The focus placed where it deserves generates even more interaction and feedback on the projects or stages in development, which tends to improve the final product.

Unlimited Requests, Feedback, Voting and Comments

Simple Feature Requests gives us everything we need without adding exotic features or complex customizations. All we need says present, no fine print or distractions.

Unlimited Requests

Our customers want to communicate and give their opinion. They want to tell us what they want. And Simple Feature Requests does not limit this in any way.


The component allows us to organize requests by categories, and we can create as many as we need without limits. Sorting orders by class is what we need when, for example, we sell different products or maintain different developments.


By collecting the number of votes for each application, it is ultra-immediate to notice which features or aspects matter most to people.


The component provides us with a wide variety of States to correctly indicate the stage of each project or product.

custom states

We are allowed to create custom states; for example, “cancelled”, “held until further notice”, “final stage”, etc. This makes it easy to cover any need that arises in our development or product.

Filter, Sort and Search

By being able to filter results, sort them by criteria, and perform specific searches, it's easy for our customers to find and vote on applications that interest them.

Notifications and Status Changes

Simple Feature Requests allow us to notify the authors of a request and their constituents whenever the development status changes or news appears.

Image Upload

The component is prepared for our clients to upload images upon request to better illustrate their specific need or problem.


Simple Feature Requests lives up to its name in the sense that it is simple, transparent, agile and very powerful. Does what it says without limits, but also without throwing us useless or bombastic features that nobody cares about. It is an almost necessary tool when we manage a project and we want to use the community and clients themselves to improve it. In addition, it makes it easier for us to “separate the wheat from the chaff” when prioritizing aspects and functionalities. Perhaps we have a good idea that we want to implement, and then we warn thanks to this plugin that a concept is not voted, and that the community wants something else.

Simple Feature Requests is worth USD169 and you can purchase it here.

This plugin in its PRO version is included in our service Managed WordPress along with more than a dozen specially selected premium components. It is the plan that gives you everything so that your site is truly professional, but at the same time very light.

Hoping that you liked the note, we wish you success in your endeavors and we encourage you to write your questions in the comments section.

Thank you for reading.

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