Solid Affiliate: Affiliate Program for WooCommerce

Create, manage and track your own Affiliate Program from the comfort of your WordPress Dashboard. Thanks to the component Solid Affiliate and its quick configuration, you will have your program up and running in 10 minutes.

Affiliate Programs are a marketing strategy that currently the vast majority of e-commerce stores offer it. If we are sellers and we use WooCommerce, we know that creating a Program from scratch is not easy, and for this reason, in fact, there are companies that facilitate this by acting as intermediaries between sellers and affiliates (and charging commission). But hand in hand with the Solid Affiliate component we can create our Program easily and without having to resort to third parties.

Solid Affiliate: my Affiliate Program in 10 minutes

thanks to a Configuration Wizard that guides us step by step in setting up Solid Affliate, we will answer what you ask us, we will check the options that interest us and we will have our Affiliate Program up and running in an average time of 10 minutes.

The following video illustrates it for us.

Solid Affiliate - Product Overview (Best Affiliate Plugin for WooCommerce)

At Duplika we believe that Solid Affiliate is an Affiliate plugin that stands out above others because it does not require addons (add-on plugins) to work. Secondly, was developed from the ground up to work exclusively with WooCommerce. This specialization favors its integration with Woo stores but also makes it a lightweight component since it does not contain additional code to be compatible with other types of stores.

Solid Affiliate also stands out for:

  • Your integration with PayPal: We can pay affiliate commissions in a few clicks, directly from the WordPress Dashboard. Solid Affiliate connects with our PayPal Business account and automates payments.
  • Well detailed historical records- Payment history is always available in the Paying Associates tool. It is possible to export the details of the transaction at any time, when we need it.
  • Affiliate Approval: Affiliate registrations are set to pending by default; they require an administrator to approve them, a mechanic that guarantees high-quality affiliates.
  • Email Notifications- This is how our team will know when our affiliates log in and when they have received commissions.

Solid Affiliate is included in our service Managed WordPress. This plugin is part of a package of professional components selected by us that hope to turn your site into a professional website of excellence.

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