The Newsletter Plugin

Along with our service Managed WordPress, full of plugins in its premium versions, we now also include the plugin for managing newsletters: The Newsletter plugin.

Its most outstanding function? Send your users and customers an automatic notice with an extract of each new post on your blog. It is something that we can configure once and leave running forever.

In this note we will make an analysis of its virtues, also presenting a mini guide so that you can take advantage of its benefits immediately. Let's start:

Newsletters with a couple of clicks

The Newsletter Plugin is a newsletter and email marketing system from a single platform.

Especially suitable for WordPress blogs, this plugin is indicated for the creation of contact lists and automatic notifications. The Newsletter Plugin allows you to easily create, send and track emails with great clarity and simplicity. And its set-up does not involve complications or efforts.

The Newsletter plugin monitors SPAM and automatically blacklists any malicious IP.

premium version

The Premium version of this component provides a generous amount of additional functionality. Of course, like any professional version of a plugin, Newsletter Premium has a cost that varies between USD65 and USD250 depending on your site and its scope.

We remind you that Duplika includes The Newsletter Premium in your service WordPress Administration.

The PREMIUM version includes:

  • Webhooks: external service triggers after user subscriptions or event cancellations).
  • Instasend: create a Newsletter from a post in a couple of clicks.
  • Reports: shows tables, diagrams and additional information about our Newsletters (opening, clicks, bounces, etc.).
  • Leads: Shows a popup or sticky window with a subscription form.
  • Google Analytics: allows Google tracking code to be incorporated into the links within our NewsLetters.
  • Autoresponder: allows you to create infinite follow-up emails, for example guides, lessons, offers, etc.
  • Additional blocks: a series of extra blocks that allow your Newsletter to incorporate lists, video, image galleries or even a complete post.
  • Geolocation: to know where your readers are and send them specific Newsletters according to their region.
  • Exclusive content: allows you to send VIP Newsletters only to your customers or subscribed users.
  • automated: Automatically create periodic newsletters with the contents of your blog. It is multi-channel and multi-language.
    → More about automated next…

Automated: Automated Newsletters

Perhaps the most practical and striking capacity of this component is its programmed functionality for the preparation and Autonomous Newsletter sending.

automated is an extension for The Newsletter Plugin that automatically generates and sends newsletters created from the latest blog content. Automated newsletter creation can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly and in a wide variety of ways. Blog contents can be filtered by category or post type, and it is possible to create an infinite number of channels that allow subscribers choose between your specific channels of information.

Also, this is possible respecting the preferred language of your audience.

Automated is based on the native block drag-and-drop design of The Newsletter Plugin component. Like some of blocks are dynamically generated by extracting content from your posts, the creation of new newsletters regenerates itself when the new content is published.

Main Features

to serve you

Add as many content blocks as you want and with any nature of content including custom post types (CPT)

and versatile

Schedule your newsletter communications according to your real needs: every day, twice a day, monthly, the third Monday of the month...


The native builder allows drag and drop providing responsive design. Create your template and it will be reused with every newsletter.


Define as many automated channels as necessary for your project and with their own content and specific programming.


Send newsletters and notifications to the whole world, or simply select your audience using lists to segment your newsletters.

with multi-language

If your site has more than one language, send content in the right language to the right people while respecting the language preferences of your audience.


Are you on vacation and haven't posted anything new? Are you going through a creative block? The plugin will know and jump to the next schedule.

of data

Keep track of your campaigns thanks to the Reports plugin (optional). Visualize on screen what happens with your newsletters easily.

Fast guide

Once The Newsletter Plugin is installed and activated, locate Newsletter in the main menu of your WordPress Dashboard and click.

The first thing you should do is press the blue button that says 'new channel' and select the frequency with which you want to send your Newsletter. For example, if your site were Food, and every day you upload a new recipe, you will click on the 'Daily News' button Set up.

The next screen will allow you to configure your channel according to your needs or preferences. Guide yourself according to the screenshot below to complete and configure your newsletter.

Remember to press the top blue button 'Save‘.

Returning to the main screen, we will now click on design to be able to create or modify our Newsletter.

The next creation screen is where we can design our newsletter using the blocks we need and where we need them.

Don't forget to save the changes.


The Newsletter plugin is a component whose free version allows the simple sending of news to the email of our subscribed users. It allows us to create email lists and manage them within your WordPress dashboard with remarkable ease and with no limits on the number of subscribers.

is a component highly secure: check the appearance of spam and 'blacklist' any suspicious IP.

The plugin gives us a drag and drop block composer. Designing email subscription forms or the structure of our newsletters is really intuitive.

As if that were not enough, it puts at our disposal a customizable subscription widget, landing page and subscription form. You can fully track delivery status, email open rate, and other insights for our newsletter campaigns.

The PREMIUM version includes a huge amount of functionalities suitable for a profitable, professional business. We can find all the advantages of its paid version here.

The Newsletter PREMIUM version It is included in our hosting service Managed WordPress.

If your site is built on WordPress and it's not performing as it should, we suggest you consider hosting with Duplika. We are WordPress professionals and our servers are optimized for this CMS.

We move your site no fee.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to us at [email protected] or to our form Contact. We wish to advise you.

Success in your endeavors, and thanks for reading.

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