Updating our guarantees, plans and prices

At the time of creating Duplika, at the beginning of 2005, it was clear to us that the challenge was to stand out for our quality in web hosting. For this reason, we tell you that, as of August 15, you will have a new warranty uptime from 99.9%. As if that were not enough, from that date all plans will have double the disk space and a price update as follows:

  • Duo Plan: $10 / month
  • DK10 plan: $20 / month
  • DK20 plan: $40 / month
  • Webmaster Plan: $120 / month
  • Professional Plan: $240 / month
  • Domain registration and renewal: $45 / annual (details on the page of domain registration).

Frequent questions

  • I have contracted the plan in advance. How does this increase affect me? → The increase will be effective as of August 15, 2009 once the contracted period ends, so if you contracted your plan up to a certain date, you will not have to pay any difference until the expiration date.
  • I am not happy with the increase and want to migrate my accounts. How much time do I have? → You will have time until August 15, 2009 to migrate your sites and proceed with the cancellation of the service, for which you must communicate with us via chat/email/facebook.
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