Why use a valid address for your shipments?

Today it is surprising that companies still continue to send us emails from mailboxes to which we cannot respond.

Basically, the recipient tells us:

I am not interested in hearing from you by mail, regardless of whether responding in this way is the easiest and most obvious for you. I don't respect you enough to run the risk of many people responding.”

As we will see later, the question here is not only emotional; there are other very valid reasons to be available via mail.

In addition to showing respect to those who choose us, providing an email address that is linked to a real inbox shows that you are open for business.

Of course; maybe that will attract a certain number of autoresponders, but chances are there will also be useful, relevant messages, such as:

  • I really enjoyed the last newsletter; Could you provide us with similar templates?
  • What are your opening hours? I'd like to drop by sometime.
  • I'm going to change my email address, but I want to continue receiving your updates. Could you help me?

This is the kind of behavior email senders really should encourage. It's not just about kindness: the answers are a valuable source of information, and the perfect opportunity to connect humanly.

Every email you send should be considered an opportunity to increase engagement with your users..

Tell them they can respond with questions, comments, whatever.

It is true that a common reason why companies around the world use check boxes no answer is that it is difficult to manage the "tsunami" of automatic responses. Examples of this are delivery error notifications, or "so-and-so is out of the office", or "so-and-so changed his mailbox to...".

But, fortunately, there are automated ways to handle automated responses; with gmail, for example, you can configure filters/rules, as well as create automatic responses.

Moral: sending non-response emails can affect the relationship with customers, and we would be missing valuable feedback and communication.

For some companies, sifting through responses can be a tedious administrative task, but they should be viewed as a great opportunity to maintain high loyalty rates while maintaining a solid, humane service to the customer.

Now, what do you think about no-response emails? Is there a context in which it can, or must be used? We would love to hear your opinion.

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