We turn 17: news and improvements

Anniversary 17 years Duplika

On January 10 we celebrated 17 years since we started this project between brothers and friends.

So much time on the Internet denotes experience and a need for important change; servers and web pages were a very different thing than they are today.

For this we renew ourselves, simplifying our services to be able to focus on hosting the way we like it.

internal improvements

  • new channels: Now we can also help you and answer your questions from Instagram Y WhatsApp (although technical support continues for support.duplika.com).
  • new site: We simplified our website to use the new features of WordPress 5.9 and Gutenberg. This allows us to do without any external editor, achieving through new technology that our site is faster and lighter than ever.

Renewed services

We simplify our hosting services in the following way:

  • Reseller: We simplified and expanded the resources of all plans. More space and transfer for your sites.
  • Cloud: New hardware and 5 plans to scale up and down on demand, without the need for migrations or IP changes.
  • anti-spam cloud: New service advanced spam filtering, available in Onyx and Oak plans or as additional support in the rest of the plans.
  • Managed WordPress: We add a new plan, wordpress vault, where we include BlogVault and support via WhatsApp.

We are Duplika

Give your site the hosting it deserves

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