SEO Guide: Web Usability

The Usability is a word that they will have to incorporate into their vocabularies if they want to dedicate themselves to SEO: it implies that your site is simple and useful for boaters.

Usability is the ease of use of a tool created for computers, in this case a website, which must be understood by a user who is not an expert in programming and design. Under, some keys to achieve excellent web usability.

ordered information

The easier it is to control a site, the more usable it will be. Therefore, when developing a portal, it is important to know how users behave with the content. Some tricks are: knowing which are the most visited pages, the least, the ones that receive the most time spent, the exit pages and other similar things. The more information they have about the use of the site, the easier it will be to optimize usability.

few options

There is no doubt that is a very, very popular website. Let's look at this: when entering, it is obvious that the options are few; We barely see a search bar and different options above it, neat and simple. This is because if they have dozens of buttons, lots of categories and lots of things to choose from, they will confuse users. It is important not to leave more than 7 options in the main menu, and if there are fewer, the better.

Back to Home without confusion

It is important and recommended that there is always a button, clear and noticeable, that returns us to the Home (it can be your logo itself, but a link with the word “home” is better). Why? Because it is almost mandatory to ensure that your users, after having found your article of interest on Google, can then go to the main menu without confusion to continue enjoying your publications instead of going back to google again. Remember that placing a Home charm on the logo itself may not be obvious, so it's important to add an extra button for this task.

Usability: basic principles

Clear objectives

The objectives must be analyzed and deepened from the beginning, since otherwise you will be confused and, in addition, your readers. It seems obvious, but if you create an online shopping site, the goal will always be for users to buy; instead, if they created a commercial website, the goal will be for people to click on the ads, among other examples. Therefore, the design must be goal-oriented. always on target.

Think of the user

When designing a site, do not think about finishing it quickly, but be meticulous about not adding frustrating things for the user, such as menus that close for no reason, areas that are difficult to click (because they are small or far from the content), forms that do not warn of the fields that they forgot to complete or those that are mandatory, captchas everywhere and elements that scare people away.

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