cPanel webmail options

Accessing your mail from a browser, also called webmail, is perhaps one of the most used features of cPanel. It allows you to check your emails directly from your browser on your mobile or desktop computer without the need for special programs, installations or configurations.

cPanel currently offers 3 different applications (each with minor differences from each other) that make it easy to send and receive secure emails over the web.


The Horde Project is an open source development community that is responsible for creating countless applications and software systems.

Controlled and managed by a central team, Horde develops valuable PHP tools.

Their focus on business tools has allowed them to create not only a Webmail application, but also a set of complementary widgets.


RoundCube is the world's leading open source webmail application.

This app already has millions of users and the next evolution of its product is guaranteed to garner even more attention from users across the world.

While not packed with as many extra features as Horde, RoundCube is lauded for its simple interface and is one of our favorites.

Roundcube Next - Teaser & Interviews


SquirrelMail it is the most simplified of the 3 webmail applications available. It includes an address book feature, text-only composition, and some insert attachment options.

If you want to see more about the differences, cPanel presents complementary information here.

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