Revamped webmail interface

We renewed the Roundcube webmail interface, improving navigability and compatibility with tablets and cell phones.

It no longer matters from which device you enter to read or write emails: the elastic skin of RoundCube 1.4 adapts precisely to both desktop systems and the smallest screen of a cell phone.

As a Duplika customer, the changes in the new RoundCube 1.4 will be automatically applied to all your email accounts without any action on your part.

Among the aesthetic and programming improvements, calendar functions, tasks, notes and even space in the cloud have been added to store the files you always need and always have them at hand.

Accessing your new WebMail

To access your emails hosted with us from your browser, either on a desktop PC or through a cell phone, write the URL webmail.mydomain.com.ar (replacing My domain by the domain associated with your service) and log in with your credentials.

Easy, light and safe. With Roundcube 1.4, you will be able to read and compose emails, organize them and create rules, search for messages and keywords, all more intuitive than ever.

Easy Calendar

One of the benefits of Roundcube that could go unnoticed is its excellent calendar service. As we show you in the screenshot below, access it and start testing its simple functionality in a matter of seconds.

Just click on the field where you want to generate an event so that the “New Event” pop-up screen opens.

Note: If you click on the top of the blank rectangle, for example at 9:00 AM, the event will be created at that time, but if you want to create it at 9:30, click on the bottom of the rectangle.

Language and Preferences

If for some reason you don't see the Spanish language interface, or you prefer to set the language to any other than your native language, you can make this change and many others in the “Settings” tab.

In the screenshot below we give you a quick screenshot so you can make customizations without problems.

As always, we encourage you to write us your doubts in the comments. Enjoy and take advantage of the new Roundcube and its powerful advantages.

Our greetings, and thanks for reading.

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