What are DNS?

What are DNS?

For the Internet to be the Internet, all the files, mails or databases must necessarily be hosted on web servers. in our note what is hosting? We have all the details about it.

Now we are going to concentrate on how each domain “knows” the location of its content; that is, which server specifically to look for and where not. This is only possible thanks to the DNS, or Domain Name System.

DNS servers

When we register a domain, we must enter the DNS servers, which is the location where we are going to delegate. Yes, this action is called “delegation“.

To cite an example, our DNS servers are:

  • mar.ns.duplika.com
  • nic.ns.duplika.com
  • rei.ns.duplika.com
  • emi.ns.duplika.com

Each of these servers contain the DNS records for each domain you use with us. DNS records are basically a address book where the contents of each record are stored, and these addresses are usually determined by IP addresses.

DNS records

If, for example, you have contracted a hosting plan with us, and you go to your control panel and select the option ZoneEditor, you will find your “address book”:

DNS record editor in cPanel

On this screen you can make all the changes you need. However, we suggest editing your DNS records only in case understand the action you are performing. When in doubt, you can always write to us to allow us to help you in this type of management. We will be happy to guide you.

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