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Ariel Gomez Barbalace, of What's Up Web, a WordPress-based news portal, chose us to keep their site online due to outages during traffic spikes.

How and why did you start Qué Pasa Web?

QUE PASA WEB is a news portal specializing in the coverage of current affairs in the northern suburbs (and expanding to the west). We started in 2012 with a Facebook fan page making a cultural agenda and little by little we got involved with other topics that interested us and that were not covered by the local media. In 2013 we launched QUE PASA WEB looking for a local journalism proposal very close to the interest of the neighbor on foot. Today we are the most read news portal in the north.

How did Duplika help you with your site?

We are a small group of journalists; none of us know anything about how to put a website online, that it works quickly, and above all, that it doesn't crash when thousands of people want to read an article at the same time. We went around for years with different "technicians" that led us to contract hosting services that were not prepared for a news website and that did not have the capacity to respond to a problem that a website with 24-hour traffic requires.

We arrived at Duplika almost by chance, when we got tired of suffering because every time the analytics reached 100 users at the same time the website crashed, and we had to communicate with a server in the US, circumvent its outlined protocols and get them to reset the server . With the web down, We contacted them one morning and that same night they made the migration.

Duplika allowed us to grow, to focus on what we know how to do, knowing that the web responds and that if there is any problem (which we practically did not have in 2 years of working together) we will have a quick response. For our newsroom it was very important to start working with Duplika.

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