WordPress 3.7 “Basic” Released

In honor to Count Bassie, the WordPress folks just announced the WordPress 3.7 release. As always, to update, all you have to do is wait for the update to be displayed on the desktop of our site.

On this occasion, although the main objective was to incorporate security and stability improvements, the possibility of applying security updates automatically was also added. This and other improvements are detailed below.

Managed automatic updates

Undoubtedly, given the current context of frequent computer attacks, the automatic updating of our WordPress platform is one of the strongest novelties. Thus, any minor update in the version that we have installed (for example, from 3.7 to 3.7.1) will be applied by default. Nevertheless, so that WordPress can update itself, it is necessary that your hosting account is correctly configured (automatic updates not working on your server? Then consider having a WordPress hosting plan 100% compatible).

password meter

As your password is the first line of defense against any security attack, when creating a password for the first time WordPress will help you choose strong credentials (ie with special characters, and involving numbers with letters). This strong key generation is useful (and recommended) to avoid the temptation to set easy keys, such as “123456”, your own name, or a word that can be too easy for hacker tools to guess.

Language support improvements

WordPress 3.7 also includes major improvements to language and translation support, allowing the installation of language packs automatically and keeping them up to date as packages evolve.

If you want to see all the details of the changes, visit the more than 400 resolved tickets thanks to the new version.

Edit. 29/Oct: Today WordPress released a new maintenance version 3.7.1. If you had version 3.7 installed, the update should have been applied automatically. If this did not happen, please consider our plans wordpress optimized.

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