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WP Google Maps is undoubtedly the most intuitive plugin to present maps and points of interest (read physical addresses) for WordPress. Easy to use and with a super friendly interface, it already has more than 15,000,000 active installations in the world. In this note we will analyze its free LITE version, the PRO version and the top of the range, the GOLD version.

The advantages of having a map

The benefits of presenting a map on our website are several; to get started, we're telling our customers and giving a clear snapshot of where our business is located—and how to get there. On the other hand, and nothing less, our visitors stay within our site (instead of searching for the address on Google or within the maps app on duty). Also, we can indicate to our users nearby areas of interest such as parking lots, restaurants or public places with free Wi-Fi.

Having mentioned these three fundamental points, let's start with WP Google Maps and its free LITE version.

WP Google Maps LITE

As we have mentioned, this plugin is really easy to use. It is the component that more simply allows us to insert Google Maps and Open Layers (vector dynamic maps), all via graphical interface.

With WP Google Maps we can add a custom google map or a store locator to our Posts or WordPress pages thanks to its support of shortcode. This plugin has no fine print: it does what it says, and without iFrames. It is the right plugin to insert maps on our Contact page, roads, maps that show delivery areas or any other need of our enterprise.

The free version of WP Google Maps allows us to create a Google map with as many bookmarks as we need. Among all its possibilities we highlight only those that we consider most important:

  • It is possible to determine if our map will be typically Google Maps or a Open Layers.
  • Does not require typing any lines of programming. It is entirely configured by visual interface.
  • Enough add addresses to create points highlighted on our map.
  • The maps adapt to the screens of mobile devices.
  • There are 9 designs of map to choose.
  • supports google streetview.
  • can be added animations to the bookmarks.
  • They can add routes marking the right path to our business.
  • no ads.
  • It is compatible with all components of cache creation.

we can try one online demo of the lite version here.

WP Google Maps PRO

The PRO version is already in its version 8 and adds a large number of integrations. Its value is USD40 for a single time and among its extra features we find:

  • The possibility of create many different maps according to the section of our site.
  • It allows your users find routes for your markers.
  • enables separate bookmarks by categories.
  • Let us upload our own icons/logos for markers that we configure
  • Markers can be four way listings different: conventional list, table, carousel and advanced table.
  • Allows users to enter their own addresses for measure the distance to our markers from the point where they meet.
  • The maps we create can be exported for security or backup for eventual import. Since the generated file is CSV, our maps can be imported by apps or media compatible with that format.
  • Compatible with wordpress network.
  • integration with WooCommerce.
  • Technical support developers premium.
  • Much more.

we can try one online demo of the PRO version here.

WP Google Maps GOLD

The GOLD version enables the download an add-on or additional component that at the time of writing this note is in its version 5. This add-on, as we can imagine, adds more exquisite and professional functionalities. Between them:

  • Group hundreds or thousands of bookmarks together via the “Bookmark Clusters” function.
  • It enables our users to leave ratings on our leaderboards.
  • Users will be able to track their location in real time as they approach our markers.

The Add-on Gold costs USD30, is paid once and allows us to infinite future updates (including the new generations). The Spanish is one of the supported languages.

WP Google Maps PRO + GOLD Add-on included in our service Managed WordPress

WP Google Maps is a transparent plugin and indeed it is a working open source, which implies that your code is publicly accessible. Installation and use are documented here Y here.

It is a component that it has no major impact on our site load, it is compatible with the latest version of PHP and is regularly updated and improved. We recommend it as the best plugin currently available for creating and customizing Google Maps and Open Layouts.

We hope you liked the note and, as always, we encourage you to message us on our form or write to us at [email protected]. We are here to advise you.

Good luck and thanks for reading.

This PRO+Gold plugin and many other components in its premium versions are included for free in our Managed WordPress service.



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