WP Rocket 2.11, more speed and simplified options

As part of our service Managed WordPress and our premium web service, we always make sure your site is up and running quickly. In the specific case of WordPress platforms, we use wp rocket, the plugin that greatly facilitates the optimization task.

The new version of WP Rocket improves the general performance of your site even more, incorporating improvements in the lazy loading of styles and javascript.

Improved Lazy Load for videos

If we include a video on our site, we will force our visitors to download various necessary files via YouTube or Vimeo. The problem is that this happens regardless of whether the visitor decides to watch the video or, on the contrary, simply wanted to read the note without playing any content. This becomes even more critical when it comes to mobile devices, since connectivity is often slower.

From now on, sites hosted with us can activate the option of automatically replace the video with a thumbnail of it, to load the contents only when the user decides to see it.

The Best Settings to Optimize Your Site with WP Rocket [2022 Edition]

Critical CSS on initial load

Something similar happens with the styles: we can force the loading of all the styles, or we can leave the loading for the end, so that the text is displayed before another element.

The disadvantage of this is that, for a few moments, visitors will see a "stripped" version of the site, without any design, perhaps giving the bad signal, even for a few seconds, that the site does not work well.

With the updates, the platform automatically generates the basic CSS of the site to display the top of the page correctly (and with priority), and then lazy-loads all the rest of the CSS.

If you have any concerns regarding the performance of your site, you can upload a support ticket for us to review.

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