WP Rocket Updated Review 2020

For us, WP Rocket is the best alternative to LiteSpeed Cache to speed up WordPress.

It is not a joke. In the history of WordPress components, WP Rocket is one of the most voted, most analyzed and acclaimed plugins in the history of this CMS.

In the context in which Google tightened the bolts marking the loading speed of a site as one of the most important variables in positioning, at least a dozen free but very decent components were incorporated into the library of possible components for WordPress. But WP Rocket stood out from minute zero.

With fast installation and automatic configuration, page cache and sitemap preloading, WP Rocket remains a “heavyweight” in the WordPress universe.

No experts required
no experience

Its intuitive interface works like an on/off button panel that does not require any programming knowledge or time investment.

of page

As soon as you activate WP Rocket, the creation of page cache to improve your ranking in Google and improve conversions is activated by default.

of Cache

The indexing of your content improves immediately thanks to its robot, which simulates a visit to your site to preload the cache magically.

Compression of
static data

WP Rocket reduces the weight of your HTML, JavaScript and CSS through minification. That speeds up your site up to 70%, improving your ranking.

Image upload
on demand

Image files are loaded as your visitor scrolls on the screen, further improving speed (Youtube, Facebook etc use this).

Ideal for

WP Rocket code was written according to WordPress best practices: clean and commented so coders can modify it.

One click is all it takes

WP Rocket generates cache for your site, compressing, minifying, managing images and resources without asking you for knowledge in return.

The goal of WP Rocket is to instantly improve the speed of your site without the need for instruction manuals or technical knowledge. Its ease of use keeps it ranked ##1 among all components that perform similar tasks for WordPress.

“But they recommended LiteSpeed to me! It's more modern, and it works on the server side. Which one do I prefer, WP Rocket or LiteSpeed? Aid!"

One of the questions that our clients ask us the most is this: do they know that their site improves scores, speed, sales and positioning the faster it is. But What is the best caching plugin for WordPress? The good old WP Rocket, or the newer LiteSpeed?

How beautiful it would be to be able to point one or another safe, irreproachable direction in the cyber world; unfortunately (or not so much), things work differently. lite speed It has several aces up its sleeve, and we have covered its benefits in more than one note; however, WP Rocket has more time. It's like a "wise old man", and while this isn't necessarily good at computing, the age of WP Rocket adds advantages.

Compared to LiteSpeed, we find greater compatibility with not so common Components and Themes, in addition to having a more simplified configuration.

WP Rocket has been improving for some time, correcting its algorithm for various situations that occur between different themes, components and versions of WordPress, Linux, Apache and other internal aspects of any server.

Therefore, WP Rocket is very easy to improve the speed of any site in any context with a click, without failing or breaking anything in the process. Without demanding your knowledge or demanding time to sit at the computer, considering configurations.

LiteSpeed asks for a little more; it's best to have some experience with caches, with similar plugins, and an idea of why some of its features are being triggered and what it does. Not understanding a setting is more likely to "break" something on our site when we use LiteSpeed.

Unlike WP Rocket, LiteSpeed is more demanding. Is better? It may be the best thing that exists for your site, from now on, and do not hesitate. But when a particular feature of your site stops working due to the “fault” of the created cache, you will need to understand which LiteSpeed feature it conflicted with.

WP Rocket has a much better chance of improving your site without breaking anything, and without the need for you to be familiar with caches. It is an all-terrain, loyal and versatile 4×4 plugin.

In many web contexts you may score lower on Google Insight compared to LiteSpeed; however, what it does it achieves cleanly, efficiently. He does his thing and you can forget about it. And he does it better and better, every day.

As always, we understand that these topics can be snappy or overly technical. If you have any questions regarding this component and its powerful benefits, do not hesitate to write to us at [email protected]

We are here to help you.

If you wish start using this plugin right now , you will be interested in the numerous advantages with which we equip our service Managed WordPress. If they are in love with your site, don't miss it!

Success in your endeavors, and thanks for reading.

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