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WP Time Capsule: cloud backups

WP Time Capsule is a plugin made for WordPress that allows us allows us to make backup copies of our site in our Dropbox/Google Drive/Amazon account incrementally, that is, backing up only the content that has changed since our last backup, and it is the tool that we provide with our backup service. Managed WordPress to all our clients.

Welcome incremental backups

The common method to make a backup in WordPress is to copy all the files of the site, including the database. This method is blind to the changes actually made, which can be significant but small in relation to the total weight of the site.

Backup our site completely and every time we touch something is something slow, coarse, that on top affects our server and cloud storage space. The workaround is to perform incremental backups.

The incremental backups they capture only the changes made to our site since the last incremental backup. It saves us time, resources and storage space.

Make copies at the interval we want

WP Time Capsule allows us to automatically create copies at the desired time: every two hours, eight or twenty-four or as we please. In fact, it is possible to activate the backup in real time, though it's probably unnecessary for the vast majority of websites. On the other hand, we can generate a new backup copy when we need it and with a click.

The upper screenshot shows us how to configure the time interval as desired, through the initial configuration tab.

Save backups in the cloud

WP Time Capsule respect our privacy. And that we can choose where to host our backup files is a step in the right direction. The plugin allows us to decide between drop box, google drive Y Amazon S3 to store our website files and its database.

It is worth clarifying that backups are encrypted for added security.

One Click Restore

The restore tool is easy: we can recover a backup from a point of our choice with a simple click. This goes back to WP Time Capsule seriously versatile: do we want to restore a specific file? Can. do we want to restore only the database? It can. The whole site? Since now. Also, restoration is possible also with our site down or even eliminated by rennet.

test site

The plugin allows us to do live staging, testing updates or changes but without the fear of breaking the site. WP Time Capsule makes it possible for us to experience, change Themes, Plugins, edit the site files or tweak settings and test that everything is working fine, then send the changes to the online site. And if we are still not sure, in any case the component asks us if we want to create a previous backup.

Automatic backup prior to updates

WP Time Capsule backs up automatically, either for updates that we manually approve or those that happen on their own. Therefore, we can let our site update only knowing that the plugin is going to make a copy first. As we can see, it is another powerful way to be calm: there is always a fresh backup.

Included in Duplika

At Duplika we want to provide you with the best WordPress tools with our plans, which is why WP Time Capsule is included in our service. Managed WordPress.


WP Time Capsule is a professional plugin that does what it says, without trickery or clumsiness. It's easy, it's powerful, it's flexible, and with its ability to staging It is also very convenient, since it allows us to find two compatible functionalities in the same component. Respect the regulations GDPR, move files to and from the cloud in a safe way, and backups are saved with encryption.

Your ability to be monitoring changes to be able to backup prior to automatic updates of WordPress transform it into a guardian ally of our site. Besides, his technical support It has been awarded a five-star rating, a sign that doubts and obstacles are addressed in a timely manner.

If we love our site and want it to be really secure, we consider that WP Time Capsule It is a complement to evaluate seriously.

Wishing that the note has been very useful to you, we appreciate your reading and encourage you to write your impressions in the comments. Successes to all.

We take care of the maintenance of your site

We include WP Time Capsule in our Managed WordPress service



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