Email Marketing

Platform for managing newsletters and mass mailings

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Newsletters and Professional Emails

Duplika Email Marketing

Our email marketing platform allows you to hire sending credits so that you can use them whenever you want, without expiration.


Enviá correos a las personas que específicamente les interese tu mensaje. Segmentá tus listas acorde a sus intereses.

Intuitive builder

You will be able to create your campaigns easily with an intuitive, agile and renewed editor with proven results.


Establecé condiciones para cada envío basado en el comportamiento de tus suscriptores.


Creá formularios personalizados para permitir a tus clientes suscribirse fácilmente desde tu sitio.

Simple and fast interface

Enviá tus correos en simples pasos

Email Marketing

Diseñá tu mensaje

Create a professional looking email in record time! Choose to start with a library of pre-designed email templates or create a new design from scratch! Add the blocks and style you want using the intuitive drag and drop builder to perfectly match your brand and wow your audience.

Email Marketing

Customize the content

Bring your email content to life by dynamically adding text like your contact's name through personalization, or go further with our advanced email personalization options.

Email Marketing

Choose your recipients

With unlimited lists and contacts, there are no limits to your creativity! Group contacts however you like and elevate your strategy by choosing even smaller segments based on niche criteria (eg gender, geography, purchase history, etc.) for a more targeted approach.

Email Marketing

Send smart

Fill in your message and let the system handle the hard part! Find the perfect message by testing A and B and make sure your email is sent at the perfect time with the click of a button using our machine learning send time optimization! The features are so smart, you're going to get results from a digital marketing scholar!

Unlimited sends to your subscribers

Know our plans

Renewed platform

Creá ya Campañas en Duplika Email Marketing con nuestras guías rápidas



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