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At Duplika we have been working for more than 18 years providing mail solutions to thousands of clients

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Professional mailboxes

Advanced spam filter

Our dedicated solution for professional email accounts makes forget about spam. We have the most advanced filters to avoid spam in all your accounts.

Guaranteed uptime

We invest in premium hardware and secured connectivity so you don't have to worry about drops or interruptions in service. Even a problem on your site will NOT cause you to lose emails.

Access via POP3, IMAP and SMTP

Manage your emails from any email client, Outlook or Thunderbird, or from any browser with our intuitive webmail. you can also read and send emails from Gmail.

Shared calendars and contacts

Manage your calendar and professional contacts from our web interface. The interface is accessible from any browser, phone, tablet or desktop computer, allowing you to share events and synchronize between different accounts.

Webmail by RoundCube


Advantages of Webmail

Our service includes Webmail, the best way to read and send secure email anywhere in the world with the device of your choice.

webmail is a Cloud-based mail service, that is, you can access your emails from a phone, a tablet, a hotel computer, your personal PC or Mac, etc. Unlike mail programs (“clients”) such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, Webmail does not need to install any program or app. Just enter the address and you will see an advanced interface to create, delete, read and manage your emails (among a host of other things).

Webmail, being a cloud service, does not take up space on your devices, something critical on tablets and cell phones. If you have ten thousand saved emails or just one, it's the same for your PC/Mobile.

Another of the great advantages of having your professional email @mycompany with the possibility of accessing via Webmail is the security inherent to the Cloud. Servers have infinite times more security than a PC or mobile phone. A client like Outlook is much more vulnerable to sending and receiving emails with viruses when the device where it is installed is infected. Meanwhile, the Cloud uses multi-layer firewalls, blocking of suspicious IPs or those with malicious intent, real-time monitoring and continuous intelligent learning against SPAM, Trojan viruses and phishing.

Webmail is one more tool at your disposal, optional, alternative and not exclusive of clients like Outlook or Thunderbird.

MailChannels provides us with the service to detect and block spam, phishing and other malicious emails.


MailChannels is a cloud-based service that identifies and blocks spammers to ensure reliable email delivery. Thanks to outbound filtering, MailChannels eliminates typical email delivery problems caused by IP address blockages.

Did you know that Webmail allows you choose your favorite interface? Horde, RoundCube or Squirrelmail. Try them out and use the one that you feel most comfortable with or that suits your email needs.

Turn on dark mode

Whether you work at night, want to protect your eyesight or just for the fun of it, Dark mode in your emails is for you.

business emails webmail roundcube
RoundCube Light mode
RoundCube Dark mode


/ month

5 mailboxes
25 GB of space
Secure webmail access
Push notifications for iOS / Android
Shared calendar and contacts
ActiveSync support

Do you have other requirements? Ask us for alternative configurations.



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