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Reseller Hosting

Our difference

Guaranteed Stability

We provide a 100% uptime guarantee by SLA, refunding your service if your site is down for 1 hour or more.

Native Security

We have DDoS protection on all our servers, in addition to Imunify360 to protect all your sites, without the need for add-ons or add-ons that put security at risk.

Maximum performance

Our servers run on LiteSpeed Enterprise to provide top performance and native HTTP/3 support.

Online Experience

More than 18 years of online experience allow us to provide you with the best support and care for your site, so that you can focus on your business and not worry about the stability of your sites.

Web Hosting for WooCommerce

manageable resources

With our reseller plans you will be able to establish the CPU, memory, disk or transfer limit for each of your accounts and hosting plans, allowing you to distribute the resources between your sites as you prefer.


WHM administrator panel

Upon entering the WHM we immediately see the 4 most used shortcuts next to the right tools menu. Listing the accounts allows you to see all the domains assigned to the plan and be able to make changes to them in a timely manner.


Standalone cPanel access

The list of domains immediately shows usage information, IPs, assigned plans and a convenient shortcut to cPanel of each particular domain. This allows any type of operation to be carried out on an account regardless of the other domains.


Consumption monitoring

WHM also allows, among a hundred actions, to check the sending and receiving of emails globally. A filter search engine finds those important emails in milliseconds, or alerts us to any inconvenience.

offer the best service to your customers

Features of each site

Acronis and cPanel backups

We make daily backups through Acronis and via cPanel, so that you always have 2 different copies available, manageable from your control panel

SSL certificates

All sites hosted at our servers will include a SSL certificate automatically to protect any domain or subdomain running at our servers.

Latest cPanel / WHM

The most complete and widely used control panel allows you to easily migrate to and from our servers, with a one click backup to move your site to the provider you prefer.

LiteSpeed Enterprise

LiteSpeed Enterprise powered servers, providing the best performance available and support to it's caching tools and plugins for multiple applications.

app installer

You will have at your disposal an application installer, in addition to the cPanel native WordPress manager, with all its features unlocked, including automatic cron, staging, backups, automatic installation and much more.

Secure Email accounts

We use MailChannels on all our servers to guarantee that all your emails always reach their destination, without having problems due to blocked IPs or with a bad reputation, applied to all email accounts created from your plan.

Frequent questions

Can I choose a plan and then change it?

Yes, you can expand or reduce your plan whenever you like, without having to migrate your content. You can request the change from the customer desk or simply by writing us an email

Will my clients have their own control panel?

That's right, you will have an administrator control panel for your account, and then each account you create will have its own cPanel control panel, from where your customers can only manage their account.

Do you include SSL certificates?

Yes, with the payment of your plan, we include SSL certificates for all your domains and those of your client, at no additional cost. Certificates will be installed and renewed automatically, without you having to make any adjustments or changes.

Do you have PHP 8.2?

Yes, we have PHP 8.2 and all previous versions. From the cPanel of each account, you will be able to configure the version of PHP and the configuration that you like.

What are the payment options?

We accept credit cards and cryptocurrencies, in addition to all the detailed means of payment here.


Reseller Hosting


cPanel / Managed WHM

The leading control panel, cPanel, pre-installed and configured on your server with the best security practices applied.

scalable plans

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you want, without the need for complex and complicated migrations or IP changes.

24/7 proactive monitoring

We monitor all our servers 24 hours a day, resolving any issues proactively, ensuring the stability of your server.

White brand

You will be able to establish your logo in the control panel and establish custom URLs with your brand.


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