What is hosting? What does web hosting mean?

What is hosting?

What to keep in mind when hosting our website. Administration and functionalities.

The first step to have your website is hosting

Web Hosting is the service that provides Internet space for websites.

What does "hosting" mean? If you want to create your web page and that others can visit it, you will need to publish or "go up” the files of your site (text and images) to a web hosting service. In Spanish it is referred to as “web hosting” but the
English word is much more used globally.

modern server photo
'Rack' Server Photo: The Place physical that contains your website

Business Hosting

What is hosting and how does it work?

Hosting services work by offering you high performance computers (web servers). They use high-speed connections in addition to many other security and system-related features.

Racks full of web servers,
always in refrigerated and fireproof environments.

Hosting is the service in which a company offers its client the physical space (within a computer known as a "server") to store the data of its website so that it is always online.

One of the main hardware components of the server is its CPU. On our servers for example, we use AMD Epyc and Intel Xeon Gold.


What is the URL or “web address”?

When you type a web address in the search field of your browser (such as "www.duplika.com"), a connection is made from your device to the web server where the page is hosted. That other computer (the "server") downloads the site's own files to the web browser you are using so that you can view the content on your screen.

In hosting there are also other aspects that it is good to analyze. Every website has different hardware needs. Thus, no one can assure you what is best without first knowing what project you have in mind. A company that is dedicated to hosting in a transparent way should advise you on which plan is the right one for your type of site.

Duplika provides the powerful cPanel in all its hosting plans. It is an administration tool that gives you full control of your site, emails, backups, and a thousand other things.

Web space in your hosting

We have talked about disk space as the main characteristic to define what is hosting because the word, translated into Spanish, means "accommodation": that is, the physical location of the data. At this point it is worth clarifying that there are two major physical support technologies: HDDs, and more recent technology, SSDs. Now, how are HDD hosting providers different from SSDs? Next, we will explain it to you.

The speed of storage

HDD Hosting vs. SSD Hosting

Imagine a pasta record, turning so that the head with its spike reads the grooves and can reproduce the music.

Now, imagine that, smaller, much faster, and with several data disks spinning at once, all happening inside a small metal box: in essence, that is a HDD disk.

HDD hosting is the most widely used system because it is the predecessor (and more economically accessible) than the SSD.

You will identify it on a desktop computer because it makes noise when reading or writing, something like a movement of grains colliding with each other.

HDD hosting is the historical storage system. Economically it is more accessible than the new SSD. There are modern HDD technologies that seek to make the disks spin faster, but HDD has a ceiling. A small engine has a limit on its revolutions.

The new SSD hostingInstead, it uses the new “solid state” drives. The big difference is that these They have no motors or moving parts.: everything works like one big memory chip. So they don't make noise. And if that was not enough, different files can be accessed at the same time, just like a RAM memory. The difference between HDD and SSD, for practical purposes, is the same as the difference between going from the living room to the kitchen of your house in search of a sandwich (HDD, moving parts), versus the sandwich being automatically teleported to your table. mouse without you moving a finger (SSD, memory chip). That's how different they are!

Of course, they are more expensive drives: storing the same amount of information on a solid state drive costs four times what it comes out on an HDD. Due to this large investment, most hosting providers do not use this technology..

Duplika provides hosting with SSD drives in all of its hosting plans.

Hosting Tips

What should I take into account before hiring a Hosting service?

As in most of the services that exist, it all depends on what is intended or really needed. There are very cheap hosting services but they do not have any type of guarantee on your data. Nor do they guarantee a minimum stability of the service provided (commonly called uptime). Other services, at the same time, could include a lot of resources that your site does not require.

What is uptime in hosting?

At Duplika we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. We use hardware from latest technology and we strive to have the best support available 24 hours a day.

Our plans are divided depending on your needs.

If you liked the note and the information served you, please do not stop evaluating our hosting plans. If you already have contracted hosting and you consider that your site is not performing as it should, keep in mind that we moved your website for free and safely, quickly and professionally.



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