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We love our website, we love WordPress, and we love working to make it better. Optimizing your site will be a welcome challenge. Our work is reflected in the numbers and is verifiable.

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you can revalidate the performance of 100 points from our website here

We know WordPress and THE HARDWARE OF THE SERVERS that it requires

We increase the speed of your WordPress site, really

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Our experience working on thousands of WordPress with different plugins, themes and specific uses allows us to identify the bottlenecks of your site and implement the necessary improvements.

Analysis of consumption

Each site is unique. That's why we measure the MySQL queries and PHP execution times of your plugins and templates by performing an exhaustive analysis thanks to the professional use of the Query Monitor component.

focus on Core Web Vitals

We use Google PageSpeed Insights and Analytics (where available) to measure the impact of the actual load speed of your site, taking into account the visits of your customers.

Experts in hosting

The performance of a site depends on the efficiency of the code and the capabilities of your hosting provider. We help you get the most out of your current provider.


Faster page speed and noticeable website performance improvements will allow you to achieve Google page speed scores exceeding 90.


Optimized content, site structuring, and SCHEMA microdata will help your site rank higher in Google/Bing/Yahoo search results.


It is widely studied and proven that faster sites increase conversions: more subscribers, more sales, more conversions of everything you offer on your website.


We look for the best optimization and tools for your site in WordPress

LiteSpeedCache for WordPress

We use LiteSpeed Enterprise as a web server to give you maximum performance by focusing on all SEO dimensions.

LiteSpeed Cache optimizes your site, speeds up its loading and decisively reduces its weight. Everything that you see, and everything that, is not optimized to 100%

Your content on CDN

Cloning your content around the world via Content Delivery Network allows direct connections reaching the 95% of the world population in about 50 ms.

We make sure that all the measures we take are the most convenient for your site.

Plugins and Themes

We analyze each one of your components and also your Theme to make sure that they are the best option for the functionalities that your site requires.

We will search for the best plugins, if necessary, removing and/or replacing them in search of excellence.

We use the best tools adapted to your needs


Are official partners by cloudflare. With absolute experience of this CDN We help you activate and configure it to obtain spectacular results on your website.


The CDN built on top of LiteSpeed offers significant improvements in case you are looking for an integrated alternative, with a proxy tailored exclusively for WordPress.


BunnyCDN is multi-region and is a great CDN if you don't need or want to use a proxy (such as Cloudflare or QUIC).

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Does your site load slow?

We know WordPress and we have extensive experience in servers.
Contact us to help you uncover the bottleneck that is holding back your site's performance.



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