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Thanks to our hardware and dedicated optimization, Cloudflare has awarded us its OPTIMIZED PARTNER recognition allowing us to offer you much more for less, including the free basic version of this incomparable CDN technology(for short, global content delivery network) that supports:

Railgun™ Acceleration

Cifrado SSL

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Why Cloudflare?

Rocket loader

Automatically optimize your pages to minimize the number of network connections, even ensuring that third-party resources don't slow down page performance.

Nothing to install

El Optimizador de Cloudflare está disponible sin ningún cambio de hardware, software o código. Con un simple cambio de DNS, puede estar en funcionamiento.


On-the-fly removal of unnecessary characters from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Reduces file size by 20% and works without caching so it supports even fully dynamic pages

Header optimization

Automatically adjusts cache header instructions so that browsers correctly cache a site's resources and thus minimize the need for new requests.

Easy to turn on and off

All Cloudflare Optimization services are easily turned on and off. Do you want to try any of their services? They turn on with a click! Do you want to turn off one of them? Just another click!

JavaScript bundling

Loading times are a priority. Combine multiple JavaScript files into a single request to avoid the overhead of multiple network requests.

Almacenamiento local en caché

Utiliza el almacenamiento local de los navegadores modernos y dispositivos móviles para almacenar en la caché inteligente los objetos necesarios para mejorar tu página.

Conexiones reducidas

Combina varios archivos JavaScript en una sola petición, lo que te permite evitar el envío de múltiples peticiones de red, obviando los cuellos de botella.

Browser optimization

Browser optimization automatically adjusts the way content is delivered based on site access on a particular device, maximizing speed without affecting the site's appearance or features.

Content Delivery Network

Cloudflare has more than 200 points distributed throughout the plane so that your content is always geographically close to your visits.

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