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The legal regulations of I CAN They require that your personal data be included in the registration. This information is public: it can be freely accessed, and that is why it is used to send spam and even commit identity theft by hackers.

If you prefer, you can make a private registration where Duplika's data will appear publicly instead of your name, address, telephone and email (although the domain is actually in your name).

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We accept Paypal and credit cards.

Once your payment is credited, the domain is yours! Therefore, depending on the payment method you choose, it is the time that the registration will take. For instant domains it may be convenient to use MercadoPago. Note: After registration and DNS delegation, the time to be able to browse your domain (and upload your content) ranges from 1 hour to a day. That time has to do with the internet itself and the spread of DNS around the world.

Yes. The domain will be registered with the personal data that you indicate in the registration process. These data will be public unless you opt for what is called WHOIS protection (hide your data). This option appears in the registration process and has an additional cost.

At the time of domain purchase you can specify the time in which we want to have it. The periods are years, that is, you can buy your domain for one year, for two, for three... If you buy your domain on February 3 for two years during 2023, the domain will expire on February 3, 2025. When the domain is close to its expiration date, we will duly notify you. To renew it, you must pay the cost corresponding to the years in which you intend to continue using it. If you don't renew it, the domain will eventually enter a 10-day suspension time, and after that time it will be deleted (this means that the mailboxes associated with your domain will also stop working).

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