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Moodle is a free and open source platform

Professional hosting plans

Hosting optimized for Moodle


$ 800

1GB SSD space
1 cpu core
512MB memory
50GB transfer

1 website
Professional email accounts
SSL certificates
Automatic daily backups


$ 7

15 GB SSD storage
1 cpu core
1 GB RAM memory
100 GB monthly transfer

5 domains
Professional email accounts
SSL certificates
Automatic daily backups


$ 14

30 GB SSD storage
2 cpu cores
2 GB RAM memory
300 GB monthly transfer

20 domains
Professional email accounts
SSL certificates
Automatic daily backups


$ 28

60 GB SSD storage
3 cpu cores
4 GB RAM memory
600 GB monthly transfer

Unlimited domains
Professional email accounts
SSL certificates
Automatic daily backups

Final monthly prices in Argentine pesos, VAT included, without country tax or fine print.

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Professional hosting plans

Hosting optimized for Moodle

Moodle is the open source learning platform that allows educators to create a private online space and easily publish courses and activities with flexible software tools for collaborative distance learning.

Tested and trusted by the whole world

Powering thousands of learning environments, Moodle is trusted by institutions and organizations both large and small, including academic and business users alike. This makes it the most widely used learning platform in the world for its versatility.

Supporting learning

With over 10 years of development guided by social constructionist pedagogy, Moodle offers a powerful set of learner-centric tools. Its collaborative learning environments enhance both online teaching and learning.

Easy to use

A simple interface, drag-and-drop features, and well-documented resources make it a well-loved platform for everyone. Its continuous usability improvements make Moodle ever easier to learn and use.

Always up to date

The 'open source' approach of the Moodle project means that Moodle is continually reviewed, expanded and improved in order to adapt to the current and changing needs of its users around the world.

Moodle in your language

Moodle's multilingual capabilities ensure there are no language limitations to learning online. The Moodle community is continually working on their translations into more than 120 different languages. This incredible availability of languages allows users to easily geolocate your site.

All-in-one learning platform

Moodle provides the most flexible set of tools to support both blended learning and 100% online courses. Configure Moodle by enabling or disabling the main features and easily integrate everything you need for your courses with just a few clicks.

Highly flexible and fully customizable

Because it is open source, Moodle can be customized in any way and adapted to individual needs. Its modular configuration and interoperable design allows developers to create plugins and integrate external applications to achieve specific functionality.

Scalable to any size

From a few students to millions of users, Moodle can be scaled to meet the needs of small classes and large organizations. Due to its flexibility and scalability, Moodle has been adapted for use in educational, business, non-profit, government and community contexts.

Web Hosting Features
  • Direct Learning Paths
  • Collaboration promotion
  • Embed external resources
  • Media Integration
  • Group management
  • Workflow markup
  • Online marking
  • Peer assessment and self-assessment
  • Integrated Badges
  • Results and rubrics
Web Hosting Features
  • Highly customizable design
  • Secure authentication and bulk enrollment
  • Multilingual capability
  • Bulk course creation and easy backup
  • Manage roles and user permissions
  • Supports open standards
  • Extensive interoperability
  • Simple plugin management
  • Regular security updates
  • Detailed reports and logs
Moodle Hosting

General functions

Moodle is a free online learning management system that allows educators to create their own private website full of dynamic courses that extend learning, anytime, anywhere.
Whether you are a teacher, student or administrator, Moodle can meet all your specific needs. Moodle's extremely customizable core comes with many standard features like the ones below.

Moodle Hosting

Modern and easy to use interface

Designed to be responsive and accessible, the Moodle interface is easy to navigate on desktop and mobile devices.

Moodle Hosting

Custom panel

Shows current, past and future courses, along with pending tasks. Simplicity and focus guaranteed.

Moodle Hosting

All-in-one calendar

Moodle's calendar tool helps you keep track of your company or academic calendar, course deadlines, group meetings, and other personal events.

Moodle Hosting

Convenient file management

Drag and drop files from cloud storage services including MS OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Customer testimonials

“I recommend Duplika because in times of general confusion, they updated our moodle virtual classrooms with a modern and very functional design. This allowed remote teaching to continue, benefiting students and teachers. Excellent performance of our website.”

Dora Sosa – Instituto Junin

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