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Certifying for HTTPS

What is an SSL certificate?

http versus https

The SSL certificate enables encrypted transmission of the content sent and received from your website. This encryption prevents data transferred from the server to a computer or cell phone from being intercepted by malicious third parties. The HTTPS protocol signifies that a site is encrypted with SSL (they can be considered synonymous).

Therefore, SSL certification is the means to offer genuine security to your visitors. This becomes crucial when users of our site need to input sensitive data (such as their address, phone number, or credit card number). Installing an SSL certificate on your site will display a padlock icon in the browser bar, as shown in the image below.

→ SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It’s a cryptographic protocol designed to provide communication security over a computer network.

Ssl Verified

Types of SSL Certificates

How do SSL certificates differ?

The term ‘simple’ certificates validate a single domain (e.g.,, whereas wildcard certificates validate all subdomains of a domain (e.g.,
The other variation between certificate types is the issuing entity, Comodo or GlobalSign.
All paid certificates are accepted by all devices, whereas the free Let’s Encrypt certificates may encounter issues with very old devices or outdated browsers.

certificados SSL de Symantec
Certificados SSL de Comodo


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