Dependable support for emerging technologies ahead of the curve.

Event-driven architecture

Fewer processes, reduced overhead, and significant scalability.

HTTP/3 support

The most up-to-date and highest-performing HTTP/3 implementation.

Immediate Apache replacement

Directly reads Apache configuration files, supports .htaccess, and offers Web Application Firewall (WAF) functionality.

Asynchronous ModSecurity

Processes ModSecurity’s popular rule sets with optimal efficiency.

Compatible with popular control panels

Integrates seamlessly with cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, CyberPanel, and other popular control panels.

CloudLinux Integration

Supports LVE, CageFS, and PHP/Ruby/Python Selector.

Unlimited connections

Includes support for an unlimited number of simultaneous connections.

LSCache engine with ESI

Advanced server-level cache with drill-through ESI support.

Upgrade or downgrade your plan based on your current needs

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Litespeed Partners

Official LiteSpeed Hosting Partners

Duplika, a LiteSpeed Gold Partner, integrates the advantages of this lightning-fast cache technology into all its hosting plans.

LiteSpeed equals performance

Additional functions

Extensive hosting support

Achieve dynamic vHost configuration either via the Redis backend or Rewrite Rules.

HTTPS/TLSv1.3 certificate

Certificate compression and reduced data size in link protocol interchange.

HTTPS/HTTP/2/3 performance

Experience unparalleled HTTPS performance with TLS record-level optimization.

Download via SSL link protocol

Offloading to prevent congestion in the server’s main event loop.

Server-Side reCAPTCHA

Defends against layer 7 DDoS attacks of any magnitude.


Native configuration support for Ruby, Python, and Node.js applications.

Maintenance with zero downtime

Facilitates successful reboots and software upgrades without any downtime.

One-click cache acceleration

Deploying LSCache en masse for all WordPress installations across the entire LiteSpeed hosting server.

The fastest PHP solution available

LSPHP, with its EXEC feature, outperforms PHP-FPM in every aspect.

Hosting Litespeed Web Server

Advantages of Hosting with LiteSpeed

Our lightweight Apache alternative conserves resources without sacrificing performance, security, compatibility or convenience.

Double the maximum capacity of your existing Apache servers with LiteSpeed Web Server’s optimized event-driven architecture, capable of handling thousands of concurrent clients with minimal memory and CPU usage.

Secure your servers using familiar ModSecurity rules while harnessing a range of integrated anti-DDoS features, including bandwidth and connection throttling.

Save capital by reducing the number of servers required to support your growing hosting business or online application.

Reduce complexity by eliminating the necessity for an HTTPS reverse proxy or additional layers of third-party caching.

Support for HTTP/3

Litespeed pioneers support for the new Internet protocol, HTTP/3 (originally known as HTTP-over-QUIC).

Server Load Apache Vs Litespeed

LiteSpeed versus apache

LiteSpeed Cache’s performance

Loading speed is increasingly crucial, as slow sites are intolerable to users.

One of the key metrics for measuring load speed is TTFB, or Time To First Byte, which represents the duration it takes for the server to respond when someone visits a site.

LiteSpeed is exceptionally fast

LSCache, empowered by LSAPI for dynamic PHP content, surpasses PHP/FPM in speed. It can read static files 4X-6X faster than Apache, making LSCache a game changer, offering speeds up to 100X faster.

With a robust event-driven architecture, it efficiently handles numerous concurrent users, akin to nginx. No sudden crashes occur with over 100-200 concurrent users.

Litespeed guarantees reliability

Native security features

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Native protection for your application eliminates the need to overload your sites with security plugins. This also enhances site speed by conserving resources.

WordPress brute force protection

Built-in brute-force protection at the server level automatically blocks malicious connections upon detection, offering superior efficiency compared to plugin level protection.

DDoS attack protection

IP limiting at various levels—connection, request, and bandwidth—ensures the robustness of connectivity.

suEXEC for external applications

It executes all processes with its own user, safeguarding against unauthorized access by malicious users.

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