Our email filtering service employs advanced technology across all website email boxes to identify and eliminate spam, virus-infected attachments, and phishing messages. Of these, phishing messages pose the greatest threat as they adeptly impersonate secure sources like banks or PayPal accounts, deceiving users into unknowingly divulging their passwords on fraudulent sites.

Anti-spam cloud

You won’t need any plugins or additional components. Our antiSPAM service operates directly from our servers, ensuring your website’s resources and mail space memory remain uncompromised.

Multi-layer protection

This implies that every incoming email must pass through multiple ‘checkpoints’ or controls before reaching you. We incorporate the latest security standards, including SSL/TLS, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and more.

Trainable filter

At the core of our spam, malware, virus, trojan, and phishing email detection system lies intelligent software that systematically learns from detections, continuously adapting to prevent new forms of attacks and rigorously testing simulations.

Automatic activation

The Duplika AntiSPAM operates seamlessly through MailChannels, eliminating the need for you to take any actions or worry about filter updates, email cleanups, or software maintenance.

No more phishing, viruses, or junk emails.

Cutting-edge Advanced Control

How does the Anti-Spam system function?

Our Anti-Spam service routes all email traffic through a series of intelligent analysis and filtering steps. During this process, we identify the sender, analyze message content, evaluate sender behavior, and then enforce speed throttling or blocking policies. Similar emails are grouped for further analysis, optimized for this specific type of traffic.

Operation Antispam Mail Service

Stop spam in its tracks

Leave malicious emails behind now!



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