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Enough of SPAM

Our email filtering service is a technology applied to all the mailboxes of a website with the aim of detecting both spam, virus attachments as well as phishing. The latter are the most dangerous, perhaps, because they perfectly simulate coming from a secure source (such as your bank or PayPal account), tricking you into signing in with your password on a simulated site.

anti-spam cloud

You do not need any plugins or additional components. Our antiSPAM service works directly from our servers without compromising resources or memory of your website or mail space.

multi-layer protection

It means that each mail that enters must necessarily go through more than one "entrance" or control until it reaches you. We incorporate all the latest security standards: SSL/TLS, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, etc.

Trainable filter

Behind the detection system for SPAM, malware, viruses, Trojans and phishing emails there is intelligent software that learns systematically, continuously, based on detections, preventing new forms of attack and drills.

automatic activation

Duplika AntiSPAM works thanks to MailChannels, without the need for you to take action or deal with filter updates, email cleanups, or software maintenance.

No more phishing, viruses or spam

How does it work?

Our AntiSPAM service moves all email traffic through a series of intelligent filtering and analysis steps. During the process, the responsible sender is identified, the content of the message is analyzed, the behavior of the sender is evaluated, and then a rate limiting or blocking policy is applied. All similar emails are grouped together for additional analysis that is optimized for this specific type of traffic.

mail filtering service

Any questions? You can make inquiries about this addon service through our contact page or contract it here. We are here to help and advise you.



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