Cloudflare: The Most Widely Used Content Distribution Network on the Planet

Global Network Spanning the Entire Planet

Cloudflare has servers distributed in most countries worldwide. This ensures that your site will be replicated on hundreds of datacenters across the globe. Therefore, users in, for example, Canada, will access your content from servers located in their own country, reducing distance and improving loading speed compared to accessing servers in England or the United States. Alongside this speed advantage, Cloudflare offers other significant benefits for browsing and accessing your site from any location globally.

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Countless Benefits

Our priority has always been to guarantee our service to customers. Among many other things, adopting Cloudflare’s virtual DNS was one of our main measures against DDoS attacks. But certainly not least, our customers benefit from remarkable bandwidth savings and faster page load speed. This is because Cloudflare has immediate servers throughout Latin America.

Since we integrated our services with Cloudflare’s advantages, we became Optimized Partners offering Cloudflare’s benefits for free on all our hosting plans.

→ We invite you to explore our case study conducted by Cloudflare.


Why Cloudflare?

Nodes around the globe

Servers in over 100 countries ensure that your site loads quickly from anywhere in the world.

No Installation Required

Cloudflare Optimizer is available without the need for any hardware, software, or code changes. With a simple DNS change, you can get up and running.

Automatic minification

On-the-fly removal of unnecessary characters from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Reduces file size by up to 20% and operates without caching, ensuring compatibility even with fully dynamic pages.

Header optimization

Automatically adjusts cache header instructions to ensure browsers correctly store a site’s resources, minimizing the need for new requests.

Adaptive Optimization for Mobile Devices

Browser optimization automatically adjusts content delivery based on the specific device accessing the site, maximizing speed without compromising the site’s appearance, functionality, or features.

Javascript Optimization

Load times are a priority. Combine multiple JavaScript files into a single request to avoid the overhead of multiple network requests.

CDN Acceleration for Your Website

Advantages of Cloudflare CDN hosting

CDN Plans to Suit Every Requirement

Explore Our Cloudflare Plans Tailored to Meet Your Project’s Needs

Individual Hosting

Plans featuring HTTP/3 support, SSL certificates, automatic backups, and email accounts with your domain.

WordPress Hosting

Discover the benefits of hosting your WordPress site with us: specialized support, automatic installation, and installation optimization.

Cloud SSD

SSD cloud servers for dedicated environments, exclusive IP, private DNS, and on-demand resource scaling.

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