What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a comprehensive, user-friendly, and flexible solution designed to facilitate teamwork. It offers a suite of productivity tools, including personalized business email, calendar, video conferencing, cloud storage, document editing, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, websites, and more.

Empowering your entrepreneurship

Cloud-based tools for your entire team’s use

The renowned G Suite service has evolved to include chat and exceptional videoconferencing capabilities. Against the backdrop of the remote work culture, Google has launched Workspace to enhance work-from-home experiences.

Plans for all needs

Google Workspace ensures cost-effectiveness by offering a range of plans tailored to various business scenarios, accommodating different team sizes, needs, and requirements. This flexibility ensures that no one spends more than necessary for their specific use case.

Smart Email

Gmail leverages artificial intelligence to filter out spam effectively. Additionally, the intelligent composition feature excels by predicting our content and providing suggestions, thereby speeding up the email writing process.

Google Docs: Writing in the Cloud

The online word processor in Google Docs features a minimalist design that encourages concentration. Focused on usability and ease of access, a Google Docs document can be shared with up to 100 collaborators.

Using Google Sheets for Spreadsheets

Google Sheets offers simplicity and ease of use through its intuitive interface and modern minimalist design. It is a versatile tool designed for collaborative work, emphasizing clarity and ease of use.

Powerful slides

Google Slides offers a versatile platform featuring images, videos, animations, text, and graphics to support oral storytelling or convey factual information. With a wide variety of pre-designed templates available, you have the freedom to customize your presentation by adding charts and graphs to enhance visual impact.

Quick notes with Google Keep

Keep track of everything with cloud-based note-taking, accessible anytime and anywhere from any device. Enjoy features such as reminders, checkboxes for task completion, and the ability to easily incorporate images into your notes.

Cloud storage

Your own virtual hard drive: store folders, files, backup copies, and various documents. Access your Docs, Sheets, Slides, and everything else you need, always available and at your disposal.

Spectacular video conferences

Google Meet allows up to 250 participants to join video calls effortlessly, combining powerful capabilities with an intuitive, modern interface that newcomers can understand immediately. Features include live text chat and polling functionality.

Business Chat

Google Chat serves as the exclusive messaging service for coworkers, emphasizing direct communication between two users while also supporting group conversations. Integrated seamlessly with other Google services, it is ideal for sharing files and collaborating on documents within the system.

Announcement Table

Google Currents ensures everyone stays connected and informed, so no one misses the latest updates. It serves as a set of tools designed to facilitate interaction and engagement, providing a hub for important messages, file sharing, and discussion threads.

Easy forms

Google Forms is the ideal tool for creating forms and surveys, suitable for both individuals and companies. There are no limits on the number of questions or participants. Easily create surveys with three question types: multiple-choice, dropdown answers, or short answers (yes/no).

Web Site Builder

Google Sites enables effortless creation of simple, free websites using responsive templates that seamlessly adapt to cell phones, desktop PCs, and TVs. Embed videos, forms, buttons, and sliders to quickly generate business content without requiring programming skills.

Handy calendar

Stay organized with Google Calendar, your online scheduling tool. Easily manage events and schedules from anywhere. Collaborate with groups on agendas and assign tasks and schedules to your team and employees.

Intelligent Search Engine

Google Cloud Search is an artificial intelligence technology that helps you locate data across all your Workspace applications. Whether used as a digital assistant or conventional search engine, it can access all the data in your Google Workspace based on your commands.


Access all the essential tools at your fingertips

Google Workspace is a robust online productivity suite that emphasizes sharing and collaboration above all else. Working together remotely has never been easier. Start working seamlessly with an interdisciplinary toolset featuring a minimalist design focused on simplicity and functionality, without unnecessary distractions. What are you waiting for? Give it a try and fall in love!

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