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What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a comprehensive, easy and flexible solution that encourages teamwork. It is a set of productivity tools that includes personalized business email, calendar, video conference, cloud space, docs and excels, presentations, forms, sites and more.


Cloud tools for your entire team

The renowned G Suite service has evolved to incorporate superlative chat and video conferencing features. In the Home Office culture scenario, Google inaugurates Workspace to promote work from home.

Plans for all needs

Google Workspace ensures that no one pays more than they need to. For this reason, it provides a repertoire of plans pointing to business scenarios with different problems, number of employees and own demands.

Smart Mail

Gmail uses artificial intelligence to save us from spam. In addition, the intelligent writing function stands out, whose suggestions predict our content, speeding up the process of writing emails.

Google Docs, writing in the Cloud

The word processor works online with a minimalist design that favors concentration. Focused on usability and ease of access, a Google Docs document can be shared with up to 100 collaborators.

Spreadsheets with Google Sheets

Looking for simplicity and ease of use, Google Sheets provides a simple, intuitive interface, with a modern minimalist design. Another great product that aims at collaborative work with clarity and versatility.

Powerful Slides

Google Slides provides a set of images, videos, animations, text, and graphics to support oral narrative or convey factual information. Wide variety of pre-built templates to choose from, and the freedom to add charts and graphs to further customize your presentation.

Sticky Notes with Google Keep

Let's not lose sight of anything by taking notes in the cloud, anytime, anywhere, to be accessed by any of our devices. Activation of reminders, check boxes to mark tasks done and the incorporation of images freely.

Cloud space

Your virtual hard drive: storage of folders and files, backup copies and documents of all kinds. You'll always find your Docs, Sheets and Slides there, plus everything you need to have available, always.

Spectacular video conferences

Up to 250 people can communicate by video call thanks to Google Meet. As powerful as it is easy to use, with a modern interface that any beginner understands immediately. Includes live text and voting.

business chat

Google Chat is the exclusive messaging service for coworkers. Although it focuses on communication between two users, it also has functions for group conversations. Integrated with the rest of the services, it is ideal for sharing files and system documents.

bulletin board

All connected so no one misses out on the latest or most important thing. Google Currents is a set of tools designed to make it easy to interact and engage: a hub for important messages, file sharing, and discussion discussions.

easy forms

Google Forms is the tool to create forms and surveys, both for individuals and companies. It has no limit of questions or participants. Make it easy with three types of questions in your surveys: multiple choice, dropdown answers or short answers (yes, no).

Website Builder

With Google Sites you will be able to create simple, free sites. Based on responsive templates, which look perfect on mobile phones, desktop PCs and TVs, you can embed videos, forms, buttons and sliders. Create fast content for your venture and business without knowing programming.

hand calendar

Keep your agenda online thanks to Google Calendar. Track all events and manage itineraries wherever you want. Group collaboration of the agenda can be supported. You can also assign tasks and schedules to your entire team and employees.

Smart Search

Google Cloud Search is an artificial intelligence technology that helps you locate data across all your Workspace apps. Available as a digital assistant or conventional browser, it will reach you all the data from your Google Workspace at your command.


All the necessary tools at your fingertips

Google Workspace is a powerful online productivity suite that puts sharing and collaboration above all else. Working together remotely has never been easier. Start trading solidly with a minimally designed cross-disciplinary toolkit, well focused on simplicity and functionality that excludes unnecessary fireworks. What are you waiting for to try it and fall in love?

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