Maximum performance

dedicated servers

Exclusive hardware and custom configured environments

Dedicated Servers

Advantages of our servers

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We use business hardware to guarantee the stability of your server, guaranteeing that your server will always be online.

Dedicated Connectivity

Each server has a dedicated and exclusive connection of 1 Gbps symmetrical, guaranteeing a fast connection, without any type of congestion.

Proactive Monitoring

24-hour proactive monitoring. In case of detecting a failure, we enter the server to verify and solve the problem without the need for you to notify us.

Professional Support

Our experience allows us to provide you with personalized support, helping you solve problems with all your applications.

24/7 proactive monitoring

All our dedicated servers are 100% managed, allowing you to focus on your business. We make sure that your server is always online.

  • Initial configuration to suit you
  • Proactive monitoring and support for critical software services
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