Turnkey Solution

Our solution integrates all the requirements for a stable, fast and secure online educational platform.

Optimized Hosting

We have more than 17 years of experience in WordPress. Our servers are optimized to offer you unparalleled performance.

LearnDash License

Every development package comes with a LearnDash license, ensuring you incur no additional expenses for maintaining your platform.

Support & Maintenance

Duplika will be available for any consultation or configuration available.

Lesson timer

You have the flexibility to set a minimum time commitment for each student in every lesson.

SSL and Security

Every hosting plan we offer includes complimentary SSL certificates, safeguarding access to your site and encrypting communication for your students’ security.

Automatic backups

We conduct daily automatic and secure backups for your peace of mind. Additionally, you have the option to configure backups directly to your Google Drive for added convenience and control.

We leverage open-source tools, ensuring you remain independent of us and free from reliance on third-party providers.

Distance Learning Software

Responsive Design

With our service, we provide an Astra Pro license and a LearnDash template, enabling you to launch your site in the shortest time possible.

You have the flexibility to either customize every aspect or opt for a template that suits your preferences.

We are dedicated to supporting you in all your projects.

Questions or inquiries?

With over 19 years of online experience, we’re eager to collaborate and tackle your challenges together.



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