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Monthly prices displayed in USD, with no hidden fees.
Pay annually and receive a 2-month service bonus.


We employ enterprise-grade hardware, Xeon Gold PRO CPUs, 100% SSD storage, and LiteSpeed to ensure fast performance for your sites.


We offer native DDoS protection, an intelligent firewall, CloudLinux Shared Pro, encrypted backups, and all the necessary measures to keep your data protected.

From your control panel, you can choose the version of Node.js you require and create your applications, setting the variables as needed.

Each application will run on the domain you configure, privately and in isolation, with resources according to the hosting plan you’ve contracted.

Hosting Plans with Nodejs support

Power and ease of development

Every day, an increasing number of developers opt for hosting with Node.js support for their mobile applications, APIs, and other web developments. Node.js hosting has become the most sought-after coding technology in recent years.

At Duplika, we provide servers optimized for Node.js, ensuring that your apps and APIs perform with exceptional speed, ease, and versatility.

Develop real-time web applications that are scalable, responsive, and deliver immediate responses.

Our plans features

The finest tools provide the fastest and most secure environment. The latest version of native cPanel includes fully enabled tools and features without restrictions. The web server includes CloudLinux Shared Pro operating system, Imunify360 firewall, and LiteSpeed Enterprise.

  • cPanel© control panel
  • @mybusiness email accounts
  • HTTP/3 speed and security
  • PHP version selector (7.4, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3).
  • Scalable resources
  • Remote MySQL access
  • Daily automatic backups
  • Free SSL certificates for all of your domains
  • Intel Xeon Gold and DDR4 Servers
  • Imunify 360 firewall
  • SSH & SFTP accesses
  • Additional independent domains
  • Tier-1 Premium connectivity
  • DDoS protection without the need for a proxy
  • WordPress Toolkit Deluxe
Imunify 360

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