Montly prices, without any hidden fees.

Cloud VPS servers

Managed VPS servers

We keep your server updated and secure.
Proactive monitoring allows us to react to any eventuality.

DDoS protection

All servers include protection against denial of service attacks. We incorporate SSL certificates to provide maximum security.

AMD Epyc

Business hardware with the latest Intel processors, guaranteeing access to multiple cores (processing cores) for unlimited speed.

ultra fast drives

Your site will be hosted on SSD solid state drives (they are up to 20 times faster than traditional disks).

Transfer speed

All servers have 10 TB of monthly transfer with 10 Gbps connectivity. Your sites will enjoy super-fast bandwidth.


Dedicated VPS servers

cpanel: control panel for hosting

cPanel / Managed WHM

The leading control panel, cPanel, pre-installed and configured on your server with the best security practices applied.

scalable servers

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you want, without the need for complex and complicated migrations or IP changes.

24/7 proactive monitoring

We monitor all our servers 24 hours a day, resolving any issues proactively, ensuring the stability of your server.

DDoS protection

Your VPS server includes protection against DDoS attacks, protecting traffic to your site in the event of a denial of service attack.

Cloud Hosting is speed + stability

What is Cloud Hosting?

Although, colloquially, that something is "uploaded to the cloud" means that it is on the internet, here the concept is more sophisticated. Unlike ordinary hosting, Hosting Cloud involves a system of servers interconnected with each other. This "teamwork" not only adds the connectivity and resources of each cloud network server, but also generates other huge benefits.

what is cloud hosting

For starters, Cloud Hosting (or “cluster”) involves many individual servers to serve your site. In addition to the gain in resources, you gain in balance and versatility. The Cloud system governs the resources in such a way that each of the servers in the cluster supports a similar load. In other words, Cloud is a self-balancing environment, where peak traffic hours do not make a dent as they would in hosting that uses a single server.

server hosting

In the common server hosting and current, congestion or the appearance of a technical problem leaves all the sites it contains offline. Until a failed hard drive, memory or cable is replaced, the websites that depend on that server will be down.

advantages of cloud hosting

Meanwhile, with Cloud Hosting, a problem in one of the servers that make up the cluster does not impact the health of the sites. The system is prepared to then raise the load of the rest of the servers in the ecosystem. Thus, the Cloud uptime is unmatched.

Other great advantages of Cloud Hosting are its security and scalability.


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