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Cloud VPS Servers

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We ensure your server remains up-to-date and secure.
Our proactive monitoring enables us to swiftly respond to any potential issues.

DDoS Protection

All our servers come with built-in protection against denial-of-service attacks. Additionally, we include SSL certificates to ensure maximum security.

AMD Epyc

Utilizing enterprise-grade hardware featuring the latest Intel processors, our servers provide access to multiple processing cores, ensuring limitless speed and performance.

Ultra-fast disk storage

Your website will be hosted on SSD solid-state disks, known for their up to 20 times faster performance compared to traditional disks.

Transfer Rate

All servers are equipped with 10 TB of monthly data transfer capacity and feature 10 Gbps connectivity, ensuring your websites benefit from blazing-fast bandwidth.


Dedicated VPS Servers

cpanel: panel de control para hosting

cPanel / Managed WHM

Elevate your hosting experience with the industry-leading control panel, cPanel, pre-installed and meticulously configured on your server, ensuring optimal performance and security with best practices applied.

Scalable servers

Enjoy the flexibility to seamlessly upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time, eliminating the need for intricate migrations or IP changes.

24/7 proactive monitoring

24/7 server monitoring ensures proactive resolution of any issues, guaranteeing the stability of your server.

DDoS protection

Your VPS server comes with DDoS protection, safeguarding your website’s traffic in the event of a denial-of-service attack.

Cloud Hosting: where speed meets stability

What is Cloud Hosting?

While colloquially ‘uploaded to the cloud’ often refers to something being accessible on the Internet, the concept here is more sophisticated. Unlike conventional hosting, Cloud Hosting operates on a system of interconnected servers. This collaborative approach not only harnesses the connectivity and resources of each server in the cloud network but also unlocks a host of additional advantages.

How Cloud Hosting Works

Cloud Hosting (or “cluster“) involves the use of multiple individual servers to power your website. In addition to increasing available resources, notable balance and versatility are achieved. The Cloud system manages resources in such a way that each server in the cluster handles a similar workload. In summary, Cloud is a self-balancing environment, where peak traffic hours don’t impact as they would on hosting that relies on a single server.

Cluster Cloud Hosting Versus Server Hosting

In traditional server hosting, congestion or technical issues can take down all the websites it hosts. Until the faulty hardware component, such as a hard disk, memory, or cable, is replaced, the websites dependent on that server will remain offline.

Cloud Hosting Advantages

With Cloud Hosting, an issue on one of the servers that compose the cluster doesn’t affect the health of the websites. The system is designed to redistribute the load to the remaining servers in the ecosystem. As a result, uptime in the Cloud is unparalleled.

Additional significant advantages of Cloud Hosting include its security and scalability.


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