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If you pay annually, you’ll receive a 2-month service bonus.

Multi-account Hosting

Our Differences

Guaranteed Stability

We provide a 100% stability guarantee. In the rare event of our servers being down for more than 1 hour, you’ll receive a full month of service as a bonus.

Native Security

We provide DDoS protection on all our servers, along with Imunify360 to safeguard all your sites, without the need for any additional or security-compromising add-ons.

Maximum Performance

We deploy LiteSpeed Enterprise across all our servers to ensure superior performance and comprehensive support for HTTP/3.

Online Experience

With over 19 years of online experience, we offer unparalleled support and care for your website, allowing you to focus on your business without concerns about site stability.

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Manageable resources

With our reseller plans, you have the flexibility to customize CPU, memory, disk space, and transfer limits for each of your accounts and hosting plans. This enables you to allocate resources among your sites according to your preferences and specific needs.

WHM (Web Host Manager) Admin Panel

When you access WHM, you will immediately see the four most common or frequently used shortcuts next to the right-side tool menu. Listing the accounts allows you to view all the domains assigned to the plan and make timely modifications to them.

Independent cPanel access

The domain list displays usage information, IPs, assigned plans, and a convenient shortcut to the cPanel for each specific domain. This setup enables you to perform any operation on individual accounts independently of other domains.

Resource Usage Monitoring

WHM also offers, among a wide range of actions, the ability to monitor global email sending and receiving. A filtered search engine can quickly locate important emails within milliseconds or alert us to any issues.

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Features for each of your sites


We conduct daily backups using Acronis and cPanel, ensuring that you always have two separate backup copies available and easily managed through your control panel.

Free SSL certificates

All our plans include SSL certificates that are installed and automatically renewed for all your domains and subdomains.

cPanel integrated with WHM

We provide the industry-leading control panel, which also allows you to easily migrate your account to any provider of your choice if you decide to host your site elsewhere.

LiteSpeed Enterprise

We utilize LiteSpeed Enterprise to achieve maximum speed and performance for all the websites on your reseller plan.

Apps installer

You will have access to an Application Installer —alongside cPanel’s native WordPress manager— with all its features unlocked. This includes automatic cron, staging, backups, automatic installation, and much more.

Secure Email Accounts

We use MailChannels on all our servers to ensure that all your emails consistently reach their destinations without encountering issues related to blocked IPs or reputation problems. This applies to all email accounts created from your plan.


Will my customers have their own control panel?

Yes, you will have an admin control panel for your account, and each account you create will include its own cPanel control panel. This allows your customers to manage their accounts independently.

Can I choose a plan and change it later?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time without the need to migrate your content. You can request the change through our customer portal or simply by sending us an email.

all of our plans include

Multi-Account Hosting


cPanel / WHM Managed

The leading control panel, cPanel, is pre-installed and configured on your server with the best security practices applied.

Scalable plans

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time without the need for complex migrations or IP changes.

24/7 proactive monitoring

We monitor all our servers 24 hours a day, proactively resolving any issues to ensure server stability.

White label

You will be able to customize the control panel by setting your logo and using custom URLs with your branding.


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